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too COLD says who?

Still looking for a fun activity in the morbid March, here at Back 2 Basics we run in rain, snow or sunshine. We are still offering competive affordable prices for all our events including our laser days event introducing 6 brand new guns making 26 in total for all your party needs ranging from ages 4 to 80, available for 1-2 hour sessions and food provided for birthdays. Come and try our Back 2 Basics camping available all year round focusing on going back to the essentials of surviving the outdoors and cooking meals around a fire. A few planned events for this year include 8 school residentials ranging from an over night to a week. This is being kicked off by our returning Wellow school for three nights at the end of the month and another booked later in the year. From Easter we will be offering day courses in axe and knife events and camping along with overnight courses for those brave enough. There is a fair few projects in the pipeline to look forward to and keep a look out for on the facebook page. Here at Back 2 Basics the team and i thank everyone for the continued support and look forward to seeing you all. For more information visit the Back 2 Basics website or visit the facebook page. if you have any quiries or you are interested in booking an event for yourself or others dont hesitate to drop us a message or email and we will happily get in contact with you. Come down and try something new that brings groups together and brings out some positive competition, who will survive the longest, now thats up to you!

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