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Check out some of the pictures from our past Bush Craft Courses

Who loves Bush Craft?
Open fire cooking
Teaching fundament skills to children of all ages
Lunch on a open fire
Shelter building
Sisters learning how to whittle
Axe lesson
How to use an axe safely
Stolen Back2Basics jacket!
Add oxygen
Bit big
Waiting for dinner to be done
Fire lighting
Gary fire lighting
Taking his time
Knife course
Group fire lighting
communication is key
Working together
Using wadding to light the fire
Adding sticks
Knife safety talk
Learning a skill for life
Axe courses
Flint method
Firelighting demonstration
Whittling demonstration
Group demonstration
To learn a skill you have to have a go
Starting small
Stuart firelighting
Nice jacket
Leaf collection
Hands on demonstration
Large knife
The master showing you how its done
Smoke's a good sign
Group demonstration
Fire 1
Whittling 2
Shelter building
Lots of leaves
Axe skills
Discussion on how to make the shelter waterproof
Campfire stew
Knife skills with Gary
More twigs
Always whittle away from yourself
Spark from Gary
Fire 2
Knife skills in action
Axe lessons
Whittling practise
Firelighting 3
The start of something great
Teaching you how to hold an axe
Another great life skill
So many leafs
Small flame
Firelighting with Gary
Prep is key
Trying to get a spark
Bush Craft skills
Love our campsite
Group discussion on Knife safety
Firelighting in action
Group axe training
Whittling with specialist knives
Learning axe safety whit our ranger
Our specialist ranger Gary
Team effort
Working together to start a fire
Good job Gary
Group picture in the newly built shelter
Learn how to use a knife safely at our Bush Craft Course
Well done guys!
We teach you step by step how to build and start a campfire
Fire building
Great shelter guys!
Throw them on
Show us how its done
Practice makes perfect
Team effort adding oxygen
Stew anyone?
We have some great trees at our campsite
Who fancies a go?
Bush Craft Skills
Adding fuel to the fire
1 to 1 demonstration
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