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Back2Basics Rangers


Aaron started Back2Basics in May 2016 after spending 3 years working with children at an  America summer camp. He found his time at camp so fulfilling that he decided to bring back his knowledge and offer the same opportunities to children in the UK. This is when Back2Basics was born!


Gary, our Head Ranger, is a school teacher for English/Geography. He is also an Expedition Leader and a Duke of Edinburgh Supervisor.

With a past of 22 years in the Armed Forces, Gary is our most experienced team member, with his current career in both Primary and Secondary schools crucial for up to date lesson plans within the Forestry School.


Mark has spent 4 summers in total working with children at an America summer camp. The first 2 years, he worked there as a lifeguard and then progressed to waterfront director for the final 2 years. In his role as waterfront director, Mark oversaw all waterfront activities and was in charge of over 100 children. 

He currently spends his winters working across Europe as a ski instructor teaching all ages which he really enjoys. 


Jamie is our newest addition to the B2B team. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from the private care system, working with people of all ages and requirements.


Jamie will be working alongside our Head Ranger Gary.


Having Jamie allows B2B to offer professional and specialist care for any children with learning differences.




Ewan is a Year 13 student, currently studying double maths, physics and German at A-level. He is also a corporal in his local RAF cadet company.


Ewan is a fully qualified Ranger at B2B who has already shown ability to teach all types of students with enthusiasm and professionalism.


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