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Happy New Year!

Here at Back2Basics, we are already underway with loads of exciting things happening in January, from 1-1 sessions to overnight campouts.

In terms of 1-1 sessions, we recently started to work closely with the Priory Group in Nottingham to provide outdoor activities for vulnerable children in local areas. These sessions are designed to encourage children to take part in alternative education, learning skills such as basic bushcraft, cooking lunch, map and compass reading, knife/axe skills which aim to improve their communication and confidence.

School residentials start with a 3-night campout in March for Wellow House School, where they will be learning how to survive in the wild. We will be teaching the students how to set up a campsite from scratch, building natural shelters, how to navigate using a map and compass and cooking on an open fire. After Wellow House School, we have Chetwynd Primary, Derby Grammar School, Salterford House and St Josephs Catholic School where a similar programme will be followed.

We are looking forward to starting our bushcraft courses for this year. Our first will be held on the 2nd of April which focuses on lessons needed to survive in the wood!

If you fancy something a little bit longer than a 4-hour course then why not join us for a full night of campfires and fun? All you have to bring is a pillow, will other equipment provided for you. Private campouts start on the 7th of April.

For more information on upcoming events check out

Thank you for everyones support last year - 2018 is set to be a great one for us here at Back2Basics.​

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