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Want to learn how to make a campfire?

Bush Craft Centre and courses now established at Kelham Hall!

I am delighted to offer a Bush Craft Centre at the Forestry School!

Another first for the team at Back2Basics! – We completed our first Bush Craft course in June with 10 individuals from the ages of 5 to 14.

The courses are a twofold event – a day course and an overnight course and we cater for families too!

The courses involve:

  • Foraging the woods to find the right firewood

  • Using my specialised training fires for practice using a varied fire lighting technique

  • Using axes, saws, knives to chop, shave and whittle the wood

  • Cook on an open fire with a variety of camp menu’s

  • Bake the infamous ‘Damper Bread’ – an Australian Bread speciality!

  • Build a forest shelter from natural materials

  • And finally camp out and enjoy S’mores around the campfire

Our first Bush Craft students fully enjoyed their time spent at the Centre and said they would definitely come again!

On a final note I would sincerely ask parents to give their children this unique experience, as these basic skills have dwindled away over the years and I fear technology cannot replace these basic, fundamental and fully enjoyable life skills.

Our Bush Craft courses are running throughout the summer holidays starting from Friday! For more information on upcoming courses check out

All the best!

Gary – Specialist Ranger

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