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Our story...

Back 2 Basics is an American style camping experience based at Lime Lane, Nottingham.
Aaron's camping experience began when he joined cubs and scouts during his childhood years - this is where he first discovered his love for the outdoors! As an adult, he spent three years as a staff member at Camp Watitoh in Massachusetts, USA. Aaron spent his first year as a camp counsellor and lifeguard, and subsequently progressed on to the Director of the Waterfront for two years,  teaching children how to swim, canoe, sail, waterski and much more. Aaron found his time at camp so fulfilling that he decided to bring it back with him and offer the same opportunity to children in the UK. This is when Back2Basics was born.

Back 2 Basics aims to provide a safe and secure environment for children to build the fundamental skills required for independence whilst also enjoying a range of outdoor activities and games.  We want  to help children enjoy the great outdoors and show them there is life away from technology! 
Aaron Cowley Back2Basics
Aaron Cowley Back2Basics
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